Colts….Seriously, why can’t you figure this out……?

Mr Irsay, what is the deal with our linebacker situation, seriously??? Every single good one we have ever had, we’ve cut. I don’t get why we are not resigning session in a hurry. He is undersized kind of like bob sanders was, but while in the game, he was a game changer…what is your logic. There is one LB that for whatever reason gets way too much loyalty from the colts…..Gary Brackett. He has had one decent season, the last one, but he is too short, and a second too late to every play. Please look around. the key to a great defense is MEN for LB’s. We have nothing there. I think angerer was an awesome pick and sign but I have given up hope on him making it past 4 years with Indy cause he is a legitimately goodLB. Please what was the problem with us giving up a 5th round pick for haynesworth instead of the pats? What is the reason why we have signed bullitt, who has to be protected as our safety cause he is not good enough to be the last man….not to mention he has a steel rod in his arm and will most assuredly start on the PUP list. I get not getting big name talent in free agency, who cares, but when they are dirt cheap… ya a 5th round pick is nothing. I’m so sick of players who give a lot to charities and foundations, and who are christians, getting a free ride to be mediocre. Myself and my many others friends/colts fans are saying this, steelers, ravens, packers best 3 d’s in the league, unbelievable big, fast, strong, angry LB’s! DUH!!!  And they aren’t drafting early in the first to get them!!! Figure it out polian cause you are wasting manning and your studs’ time, along with your fans time, which by the way, is where all your money comes from. You can’t win SB’s unless you have a stud LB corp and a great defense. Unless you cheat….Pats=Dynasty….LOL! Ya right.


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